So you’ve decided what kind of degree is right for you. Maybe you’ve even chosen a major. Maybe you haven’t chosen a major–that’s okay, too. You don’t need to know what you want to major in from the very instant you get to college. Some people do, and that’s great. Some people change their minds, which is also great. I know this sounds crazy, but your major is not the most important career decision you will make in college.

As I mentioned earlier, there are some majors that correspond directly to careers: engineering, computer science and many of the other applied sciences. But lots of other majors will prepare you for multiple careers, and there are multiple majors that can prepare you for the same career. If you want to go into law (don’t do this), you can major in history, English, political science, philosophy, or pretty much anything else. Believe it or not, you can major in one of those subjects if you want to go to medical school, as long as you take enough science classes along with your humanities courses.

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