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Moving Checklist: Relocate without the Chaos

As I said yesterday, moving is both an enormous pain and a fantastic opportunity. Right now, the Provident household is feeling the pain. There’s still a ton of stuff to be moved, a house to be cleaned, and we’re about to experience a record-breaking heat wave.

There’s nothing to do but embrace the pain, and if you’re moving, I can’t help you much with the unpleasant reality of packing and carrying and unpacking. But the other pain of moving is all the administrivia that goes along with a change in residence, and I’ve got your back there.

This checklist will get your started with the moving paperwork. It probably doesn’t include everything you’ll need to do, but if you check off all these boxes, you’ll be in pretty good shape.

7 Lists that Will Tell You How to Get Rich and Be Happy

The Internet is full of financial and life advice, most of which comes packaged in lists of no more than 15 easily digestible wisdom blurbs. Why lists? Based on their popularity (and my own browsing habits), I can only assume it’s because no one can resist the temptation to read a list. Call an article “How to Get Your Life Together, Guaranteed,” and you’ll be lucky to get a few hits. But title your piece “7 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Life in Order” and people won’t be able to click over fast enough.

What’s more compact and efficient than a list of ways to fix your life? I’ll tell you what: A list of lists of ways to fix your life. So in the service of streamlining your list-reading, self-flagellation and potential self-improvement, I present

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