I have been dreading this post, because July was an expensive month. Also, June was an expensive month. And, as we are currently on vacation, August is likely to be an expensive month.

But many of July’s expenses were related to our move. And since the move will save us $300 a month (at least–we’ll have to wait and see if our utilities drop any. I’m doing everything I can to see that they do), the moving expenses will likely be worth it.

So without further ado, the inaugural Provident Expense Report:

Provident Household Spending

Rent (we only paid for half of July at the new house and I negotiated a discount after I had to do extensive cleaning before we moved in) 350
Utilities (gas and electric at the old house) 137.67
Mowing (the old house had an enormous yard, and we paid someone else to deal with it) 80
Cell phone 92.66
Entertainment (newspaper subscription, Netflix, and a trip to the movies to see Ghostbusters) 44.48
Hardware store (we built some shelves for the new house and there were some start-up costs: a circular saw, stain, lumber, and other assorted tools) 393.34
Amazon, Walmart and Target (curtains, blinds, and the many miscellaneous things you always need when you move) 477.34
Groceries 504.64
Medical and dental expenses 360.74
Student loans 222.84
Gas 62.63
Auto inspection 16
Eating out 133.63
Costco annual membership 55

Total: 2930.97

Prof. Provident Spending

Eating out 20.18
Hair (my hair is my major spending vice. I don't want to talk about it) 170.40
Software (Scrivener for iPad is as great as everyone says) 21
Skin care 37.65

Total: 249.23

Clearly, July was off the charts in the merchandise category. But we did buy some things that we’ll continue to use to produce more things. The circular saw, woodworking tools and stain have already been put to good use: we made some extra shelves for our kitchen cabinets, plus two other shelving units for our kitchen, which was a bit lacking in the storage department. And Prof. de Cuisine (the other half of the Provident household) has been busily tinkering away in the basement.

In addition, we did all the moving and cleaning in both houses ourselves, so there were no expenses for the actual move, beyond the food and beer we provided for our friends when they helped us haul our stuff to the new house on a hot Saturday morning. Now that everything’s pretty well settled, our spending on household stuff should drop a bit. (Although, I whisper shamefacedly, we are planning on stopping by IKEA next week to pick up a few last household items.)