Welcome to the Provident Professor. I’m Prof. Provident, an early-30s English professor who dreams of becoming an ex-English professor some time before I’m 80. This makes me something of an anomaly among professors, most of whom keep trudging into the classroom well into their dotage until they finally keel over in their office, a stale cup of coffee on one side and a 3-year-old stack of unread journal articles on the other.

Not me. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job (well enough), but I work too many hours for too little pay. I have just enough autonomy and control of my time to know that I want more, and to begin to see what I might do with it. This blog is one step toward that freedom. Being provident is hard work, particularly since all the rewards are in the future. You need encouragement, and you need accountability. That’s what I hope this blog will provide, along with information that might be useful to someone, somewhere, and a whole lot of useless literary knowledge and bad jokes about good books.